14.12.14 - with Jan Bang - Neumarkt Zurich

18.11.14 - London Jazzfestival

"..violinist Tobias Preisig subsumed his obvious virtuosity into the dark and hard-grooving group sound of a promising young quartet who clearly know a lot about contemporary musics, as well as one another." John Fordham - The Guardian

1.11.14 Way out West - Japan

17.6.14 Splendid feat. Michael Flury

21.4.14 Free Falling at Progr


"..ein klischeebefreites kleines Meisterwerk jazzmusikalischer Reduktion"
Thorsten Hingst Jazzpodium

21.3.14 Record of the Month

21.3.14 Aargauer Zeitung

1.3.14 new Album "Drifting" out 21st March 2014

Tobias Preisig viol, Stefan Aeby p&rh, André Pousaz b, Michi Stulz dr

Label: Traumton Records Berlin
Producer: Christian Zehnder
Recorded by: Andy Neresheimer
Mixed by: Daniel Dettwiler at Klang&Idee

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